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Tour Guide London

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Private Tour Guide London

When you book your guide, you expect the person who not only knows history and day-to-day life in London, but who also can be very pleasant and comfortable. Tour guides are representing our greatest city and that is so important in your first approach to see London with all of its colours.


Professional tour guides in London hold “Blue Badge” licence. It is not connected to disability. It is just the coincidence, and this is the colour of their badge.


Private tour guides provide panoramic and museum’s tours in London and outskirts. We top up this tours by providing transport for you.


Private Tour Guides in London charge by 4 hours. It means, that any tour up to 4 hours has an average price of £220.00. That is for the best quality guide.

Private Tour Guide London FAQ

How to book a Tour Guide?

Let us know all details, like date, time and what tour you need, and we will offer the best option for you. If you need a car and ticket we arrange it for your tour as well.

What can I see with Tour Guide?

First day definitely a panoramic tour for 4 hours and it is better by the car. Next day Westminster Abbey and Tower of London. Third day Windsor and Hampton Court. Fourth day National Gallery and British Museum, and then Stonehenge and Blenheim Palace.

Do I need to buy tickets for a tour guide?

No, in most of the attractions in London tour guides go for free. But you need to buy tickets for yourself, and we can help you with that as well.

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