Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide Systems

For hire in London

Tour Guide Systems for Hire in London

We make it simple, to hire wireless audio tour guide systems in London. The first day cost £3.50 for a device. And each subsequent day is £2.00 per device. That apply to both, transmitters and receivers.


We provide the most reliable radio guides, and for free we give a spare transmitter, microphone and batteries.


You can collect 24/7 at 63 St. Mary Axe in London, or we can deliver for £20.00 in central London or £60.00 inside M25.


We accept credit cards, bank transfers, cash and Direct Debit. Normally, we send you a payment link.

Tour Guide Systems FAQ

How to book?

Fill the form below or WhatsApp us HERE. Then we will send you a payment link and whether to deliver devices to you or you can collect in our office. We

How much is it?

We do not have minimum requirements. You can take even one device and even for one day and this will be £3.50. Then if you want to keep it, each day will be cost £2.00. That is simple.

What is the System?

Tour guide systems are lightweight and carried in a light bag, or you can pick them up without a bag. The signal is transmitted through 56 channels. The devices operate on two AA batteries. The battery pack lasts for a week of use. The transmitter range is 100 meters. The headphones are reusable, sterilised before rental. Microphones with anti-wind protection, on a clothes pin, are attached to the clothes of the guide. The volume is adjustable and from our practice, half of what is possible is enough.

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