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UK Education Agent

Based in London. We help you find, apply and study in UK Private Schools, UK Universities and offer a variety of courses, like English language or professional courses. Arrange internships, private tutoring. We are your Private UK Education Agent and cover all educational questions in the UK.


Based in London. So close to Schools and Universities, and not only geographically, but mentally. We are British company, and we really know what British Education is.


Through us, you will have special connections to your School or University. The unique access to the board of educational professionals.


Our advice is free of charge. Because we have partnership agreements with schools and universities, they cover all of our expenditures.


Private Schools in the UK


Admission preparation


English and for Professionals


How much is it?

Private schools from £45000.00 per year
Universities from £35000.00 per year
Language courses from £800.00 per week
Accommodation included

Do I need to speak English?

For English Courses — No
For schools — Beginner
For University — yes, IELTS 6.0 at least

What age is the best to start?

The best if you come as soon as possible. For younger pupils are much easier to start their study in the UK

Let’s start in here!

Study in the UK


It is in England that the real English language, without an accent. No American, Canadian and Australian English can even come close to the English! Coming to England, you are completely immersed in the correct English environment.


England has the widest selection of schools, as England is home to boarding schools. On the basis of these schools, and there are more than 700 of them, there are almost always a variety of courses, and not only the English language. If you look at how many of these schools are top-notch, then you will not find anything like this anywhere in the world. Well, 24 top universities by the umbrella of the Russell Group are the perfect incentive for any student!


It is in England that the system of so-called “narrow specialisation” is used and the child’s potential is “revealed” from the very kindergarten and the result of school education is the last two years, in years 12th and 13th, where children study only 3 specialised subjects based on which university are going.


Just imagine that, for example, the medical faculties in England have “Quotas” for foreign applicants. Only 7.5% of doctors applicants can be foreign citizens. If someone passes such a competition, then, probably already on this we can say that “life is good.” If you can make your way into academia at this level, you are guaranteed an exceptional career.


There are 307 languages spoken in London. Coming to England, your background will never be an obstacle to assimilation into English society. Foreigners are always welcome here, invest not only money, but also share our cultural part, thereby improving England itself.


We are on an island. The island is well stocked. This is not to say that we have heaven on earth here, but the level of crime allows us not to think at all that we may be robbed or attacked. Everything is covered with video cameras, and the police deservedly can be considered the best in the world.


Studying in England is just the very first step towards a country with the broadest opportunities. Here you can make friends from all over the planet and expand your horizons. Already being here, on the spot, you can look around and, possibly, make a number of key decisions for life. After living with us, many do not want to leave England, because believe us, besides the training itself, there is still a lot of treasures!


If studying in England appeared on the horizon of your thoughts, if you could afford to study in England, then our advice is simple – write to us urgently, and we will organize everything for you! Your UK Education Agent is here to help!